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NYC | The Electric Lemon

Are you planning on going to the city this weekend and your planning to impress?

Stopping at the Electric Lemon is mandatory. This restaurant may be found in New York City's Hudson Yards within the Equinox Hotel, providing breathtaking views from its 24-floor rooftop! They definitely met my high expectations this location, I was super impressed. Make sure your phone's charged up, and your outfit is on point! Get ready to snap moments worthy of Instagram and have your taste buds to be completely starstruck. 

I was astounded with The Electric Lemon's aesthetic from the moment I walked in. An Instagrammable dining experience that would make any influencer's heart skip a beat was made possible by the lively and contemporary atmosphere. This was more of an interactive dining experience than just a restaurant. The design's attention to detail was breathtaking.

Let's begin this culinary journey with a dish that looks as beautiful as it tastes the oysters. These gems of the sea arrived looking picture-perfect and full of flavor, served with an enticing combination of onions, peppers, and radish. I carefully added the toppings to the oysters sparingly, and to my amazement, there was an delicious explosion of flavors. The tangy tones  elevated the flavor of the oysters and erasing the fishy taste.

The star of the show, the Dry Aged Duck, is up next. My mouth dropped the sight the moment my eyes met the plate. The juices of this perfectly cooked duck glistened on the meat, luring me in for a taste. This delicious, tender meat melted in my mouth with every bite. Accompanied by a symphony of flavors from the well crafted sauce. It didn't end there, though, as the well chosen embellishments on the dish gave layers of depth and texture, demonstrating how every component had been well thought out to produce a cohesive work of art. Ordering the Duck Is Required!

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While the food alone was enough to leave a lasting impression, The Electric Lemon didn't stop there. The restaurant's futuristic decor complete with unique art, lighting, and contemporary design, created an unforgettable atmosphere. This is a place where culinary innovation and technology coexisted harmoniously, inviting guests to immerse themselves in a luxury experience. Make a reservation at The Electric Lemon now to let them re define your dining experience! -> \- This restaurant is definitely worth making reservations for!


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